Selected Publications

Leigh, A. & Melwani, S. (2019) #BlackEmployeesMatter: Mega-threats, Identity Fusion, and Enacting Positive Deviance in Organizations. Academy of Management Review: Special Topic Forum Diversity at a Critical Juncture, 44(3), 564-591.  Download here

Leigh, A. & Melwani, S. (2022) “Am I Next?” The Spillover Effects of Mega-Threats on Avoidant Work Behaviors. Academy of Management Journal, 65(3), 720-748. Download here.

Prengler, M., Chawla, N., Leigh, A. & Rogers, K. (2023) Challenging Racism as a Black Police Officer: An Emergent Theory of Employee Anti-Racism. Journal of Applied Psychology, 108(2), 249-272. Download here.

Leigh, A. & Desai, S. (2023) What’s Race Got to Do with It? The Interactive Effect of Race and Gender on Negotiation Offers and Outcomes. Organization Science, 35(2), 935-955. Download here.

Harvard Business Review articles

How Black Police Officers Combat Systemic Racism at Work. [Download here]

How to be an Ally to Colleagues after Violence Against their Community. [Download here]

Supporting Employees after Violence Against their Community. Harvard Business Review. [Download here]

Duke Fuqua Insights article: Black Women Receive Better Deals when Negotiating [Download here]